Today in the city San Pablo 23.10.2017
San Juan Mayor Knew Politics a Rough Game Before Her Tussle With Trump

Yulín Cruz hasn't been afraid to assert herself in the face of Washington's leaders — a trait the mayor of San Juan has staked her political career on.

Man, Woman Found Shot to Death in San Francisco Car

San Francisco police say a man and woman have been found shot to death in a car in the Dolores Heights neighborhood.

San Juan Mayor Responds To Trump's Attacks: 'I Was Asking For Help'

President Donald Trump has hit back at San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz’s claims that the federal government isn’t doing enough to support Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

James Franco’s ‘The Disaster Artist’ Wins San Sebastian

SAN SEBASTIAN — Marking a big win for the Oscar-nominated actor as a director, James Franco’s “The Disaster Artist” won the 65th San Sebastián Festival’s Golden Shell, the top plaudit at the highest-p...

Trump's attacks on San Juan's mayor spark wide condemnation

President Donald Trump kicked off the weekend by attacking the mayor of San Juan, who recently begged the federal government to send more help to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. "I will do...

Trump slams the mayor of San Juan after she criticizes the federal government's response to the devastation in Puerto Rico

President Donald Trump on Saturday slammed the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico's largest city, after she criticized the federal government's response to the devastation in Puerto Rico.  "The Mayor...

Celebrities Are Slamming Trump For His Attack On San Juan Mayor

President Trump's attack on San Juan's mayor, following her plea for help in Puerto Rico, proved to be the last straw for many celebrities.

San Sebastián: Alfredo Castro, Luis Gnecco Board ‘The Saddest Goal’ (EXCLUSIVE)

SAN SEBASTIAN — Two of Latin America’s most reputed actors, both mainstay’s of Pablo Larraín movies, Chile’s Alfredo Castro (“Tony Manero,” “Far Away, “Los Perros”) and Luis Gnecco (“Neruda,” “Much Ad...

San Sebastián: Director Ivana Mladenovic on ‘Soldiers. A Story from Ferentari’

SAN SEBASTIAN — “Boy or girl?” jokes Adi (Adrian Schiop), poking the vast dome of a belly of boyfriend Alberto (Pavel Vasile-Digudai), who lies on his sofa, on which he takes up frequent residen...

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